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Students interested in educating their local and global neighbors and positively impacting their communities through one of the fastest growing and changing industries in the U.S. should consider Taylor’s Health Promotion & Wellness major (HPW). Upon graduation from this health education program, students will be eligible to sit for the certified health education specialist (CHES) national exam—prepared for an entry-level position in a corporate, school, healthcare, or community health promotion settings, or graduate school in health promotion or public health (MPH, MSPH, MHEd, etc.).

Blending the ideas of exercise science and public health, Taylor Health Promotion & Wellness students receive more than a Community Health or Health Education degree. The Health Promotion and Wellness curriculum will teach you how to assess the needs of a community, develop and implement health programs to meet those needs, evaluate the effectiveness of those programs, and become advocates for improved health resources and policies. You will gain a global understanding of health and experience community health, corporate wellness, and health promotion firsthand through interdisciplinary classes, applied research opportunities with Health Science faculty, and a required international experience.


In addition to the general Health Promotion & Wellness classes, you can take additional elective courses in nutrition, health communication, school and community health, health psychology, and community health evangelism to support your career or graduate school path.

Health Education Certification & Health Evangelism Training

因为大多数雇主要求健康教育有来自认证健康教育专家(CHES / mches)认证 健康教育资格认证全国委员会(nchec), all Health Promotion & Wellness majors are required to take this certification exam as part of their degrees. With a CHES prep course built into the HPW curriculum, you will have the opportunity to review, practice, and become prepared for this biannual exam.

Health Promotion & Wellness majors who are interested in using health promotion in missions are also strongly encouraged to take Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training through available conferences, workshops, and online courses.

Health Promotion & Wellness Curriculum & Degree Options

感兴趣的课程说明学生和学术政策可以查看我们的 本科目录在这里。

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